33 Casual and Comfy Work Outfits Inspiration with Flats

As much as we may swoon over a pair of high heels, let’s face it, it’s just not a reality for most of us. I have all but given up on wearing them and reserve heels mainly for times where they are a must or I know I won’t spend a great deal of time on my feet. And even then I always have a backup pair of flats on hand. I’m too old, too busy and too disinterested to suffer for fashion any longer.

While comfortable shoes have come a long way, and they are far from being the ugly clodhoppers of yesteryear, it’s not just the issue of finding comfortable shoes that can be challenging but creating an outfit that looks like the flats you have chosen to wear look purposeful and not like a frumpy, comfortable alternative. It today’s post I am giving you some wardrobe and style tip on how how to stylishly wear flats to work.
Let’s be honest: your typical workday has you moving and shaking, and a heel isn’t always practical. So in an effort to not sacrifice your style or professional prowess, here are some chic flat footwear ideas for the office.