33 Easy Long Shag Haircuts Ideas for Effortless Style Looks

One of the most popular looks of past decades, shag haircuts have enjoyed their time as a trendy style, in one form or another, all the way until today. From Stevie Nicks’ gypsy hair and Farrah Fawcett’s feathered style to ’90s darlings Meg Ryan and (of course) Jennifer Aniston with “The Rachel”, countless reincarnations have kept the ultra-layered appeal of the shag haircut from ever truly disappearing.

Partly thanks to our current obsession with reviving ’90s trends in beauty and fashion, a new shag era is upon us. The current crop of shag cuts are mostly seen in shoulder and bob length styles, making them the perfect choice for thick haired women who are looking to lose some of the bulk and weight that can make their hair difficult to style. For some inspiration on how to get one of these fun, flirty haircuts for yourself, take a look at our 30 favorite shag haircuts.