42 The Best Traditional Bat Tattoos Ideas

Around the world you’ll find this creature of the night lurking for its next meal. However, for some species out of the 1,240, feeding varies from fruit and fish to the more popular vampire bats who prefer to relish the taste of blood.

For instance, witchcraft, black magic and darkness stemmed from the symbolism of bats in European cultures. While they have been called liminal beings, they have also found their way into brew as written in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In modern times, their meaning has evolved into more fictional characters with both heroes and villains, such as Batman and Dracula.

On the bright side, Chinese lore does hold a more positive meaning, with bats representing both cheerfulness and permanence. No matter your preference on the matter, one thing is undoubtedly certain. You’re bound to discover winged inspiration with these top 42 best bat tattoo designs for men. From spooky scenes that seem to haunt to abstract figures that evoke a sense of curiosity around their meaning.